Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daily Devotions

It's a full sun coolish day (mid-30s). I perform my outdoor TCC practice on the deck to the sounds of silence except for an occasional shuffle of leaves underfoot as one of several squirrels dash through the trees then climb up and perform silent aerial ballets. Two woodpeckers embrace opposite sides of the same tree trunk and cackle loudly to each other. But mostly the atmosphere is filled with warm sun, quiet breeze, and ... serenity.

I feel exhausted after yesterday's election day battle. I write battle purposefully. Our local government is every bit as polarized and adversarial as the plethora of schemes and shenanigans we see played out on the national political stage. So what can I do to make a difference? For one, return to my daily practice.

Today's reading of 365 Tao fits my mood and desires: Encouragement
One thousand miles from home, I open the same
     prayer book.
Some nights it was only obligation; tonight,
     it is comfort.....

It's best to be patient and persevering. Devotion may sometimes seem to be pure drudgery....

     Within ourselves, our daily devotions are the way to encourage ourselves to persevere. With others, encouragement is the way to be compassionate. (p. 97)

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