Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Attention = Manifestation

Spring is sprung ... I noticed my first dandelions blooming along the side of the road during Frances and my lunchtime walk today. I also spotted a male ruffed grouse standing on top of a log next to the road. I'm guessing we interrupted him in the midst of drumming his wings to attract females since he seemed reluctant to leave the area.

Other signs of spring: an Eastern phoebe pair did decide to build a nest over our patio door on the south side of the house. It grows a bit each day but so far there are as many construction materials lying on the deck as there are suspended on the narrow ledge above the door. I'm doubtful about the success of this project since we use this door often during the warm months and I fear that the door's regular opening and closing may wreck havoc on this precariously positioned nest.

More sun-filled wide open skies today. Tomorrow night is full moon so I hope weather remains clear in order to catch a dramatic view of nature's yardlight.

Tonight's TCC class was quiet. I commented to my students after practice that they all seemed to have a nice, upright posture (i.e., no leaning). Several people admitted that they were paying attention to keeping their spines straight and focusing on moving from their centers. It was fun to spend 10 minutes talking about the way in which our mental state affects our movements and our ability or inability to relax and move with a relaxed flow.

Yes, the students are starting to get the principles of t'ai chi chih and recognize the ways in which their attention manifests a more relaxing and relaxed experience of movement and Chi flow.

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