Sunday, April 4, 2010

Daily Practice

Easter day began after rain fell on and off throughout the night, then clouds, sunshine, clouds returning, and finally the sun resurrecting itself into white-blue skies. Even though temperatures rose to 50 while the sun shone I couldn't pry myself from the security of the darkened interior of the house. Just like a jelly bean nestled in the fake-grass embrace of an Easter basket I relished the quiet coolness of my home.

Today's designation as a holiday offered me the opportunity to break ranks from my normal day-to-dayness and rest quietly. Of course, I practiced my t'ai chi chih. The practice came late in the day after I'd recouped from the morning's high blood sugars and taken several naps. I followed the lead of the TCC foursome on the Good Karma video then rested in a chair to 'receive' whatever followed in the wake of my practice.

When I read today's segment in 365 Tao I felt grateful for my commitment to the word of the day: Practice. It reminded me:
Spiritual success is gained by daily cultivation.
If you practiced for the day, then you have won.
If you were lazy for the day, then you have lost....
     Whatever system of spirituality you practice, do it every day. If it is prayer, then pray every day. If it is meditation, then meditate every day. If it is exercise, then exercise every day. Only then will you be able to say that you are truly practicing spirituality.... (p. 94)

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