Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What questions do I ask myself?

Today was sun-soaked Tuesday. Early in the day temperatures climbed to 80 degrees promising summer-like weather but quickly dropped 30+ degrees and promptly segued back into a northern Wisconsin spring.

Tonight's t'ai chi chih class was ... dare I say relaxing? After a full practice session I asked the class four of 11 questions that I developed over the last several years to encourage students to examine their practice. These four questions were:
1.  Am I grounded?
2.  Do I move from my center?
3.  Am I gliding forward and back allowing weight to flow (soften knees) naturally without force?
4.  Am I suspended, spine straight, no leaning forward?
We practiced moving our bodies in answer to each of the questions. We also explored the concept of being a "bellows" and how that realization/recognition affects the way we move and what we experience in our bodies.

It's fun to see students experience an ah ha moment during class when a teaching or concept suddenly makes sense in a way it previously didn't. Several gleams of recognition flashed across a few faces in the group before class time was suddenly--and unexpectedly--over.

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