Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just Right

Yup. I'm feeling more back to 'normal' today. Grey, grey skies ... with the most hopeful feeling of chance of rain that I've noted all through the month of April. I sure hope that it delivers what it's promising....

My early afternoon practice felt just right for a grey, rain-possible day. Quiet, earthy, slow, and calm.

Each day I see more greenery filling the skies, more blossoming and budding, brightening and blooming. We admired brilliant yellow marsh marigolds along Emil Road today as we walked. Upon returning home Frances mentioned that the tiny blue forget-me-nots are blossoming on the east side of the house. And, of course, the daffodils and, now, tulips are taking their turn in the realm of color-full. Each flower opening is a miracle of color, promise, and magic made real.

Now Frances and I are off to a film festival at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center (NGLVC) outside of Ashland. It's called "Making It Home" and features films about the environment, conservation, local food production, and more. This afternoon's fare includes University of Wisconsin student shorts produced in 2009. These films offer a wide variety of topics from milk production to fruit gleaning to a 77-year-old man who lives on farm land that contains ancient Native American effigy mounds to a profile of an 86-year-old woman who was an environmental hero for sorting plastic and advocating a national recycling policy.

What better way to spend a rain-promising-day than taking in some movies....

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