Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Tonight's TCC class was relaxing for all (I think!). After a speedy start and several late arrivals we settled into a rhythm that soothed and slowed us down.

I felt grateful to hear several students comment after practice on recent insights they've gained. One student told the class that he suddenly understood the meaning of Cosmic Consciousness Pose during tonight's class session. Unexpectedly, it wasn't about him anymore, it was about what the Universe provided (without thought, words, identifications).

Another student mentioned that, after taking this TCC class several times through, he finally practiced on his own this past week (he's beginning to remember the movements!) and he found his practices to be incredibly relaxing and stress reducing. (He already knew that from the class sessions he attended, he admitted, but he hadn't tried to practice on his own prior to this week.)

The more I practice ... the more I experience ... the more I examine the role TCC plays in my life ... the more convinced I am that this practice plays a key role in my life by keeping me centered, relaxed, peaceful, and whole. This realization fits with the Dharma Quote of the Week, dated April 1, 2010:
No one achieves perfection in anything meaningful the very first time they try; however, we've heard the phrase over and over again that 'practice makes perfect.' It is true that with multiple repetitions and patience everyone can achieve perfection over time. I don't know of anyone who has sat down to meditate for the very first time and immediately attained enlightenment, but just like the drops of water that we trust will eventually fill our bucket, consistent dharma practice will eventually lead us to liberation.
          --from Heartfelt Advice by Lama Dudjom Dorjee, published by Snow Lion Publications

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