Thursday, April 22, 2010

Focus on the Unchanging Tao ...

A frosty morning (20 degrees) slowly warmed to 60 degrees then dropped back to 50. Elegant blue sky provided the perfect backdrop for greens and reds to burst from tree branches above; yellow daffodils and pink and blue lungwort blossomed out of the earth; and snatches of budding green tipped branches of bushes and small trees at every level in between. All life buds, flowers, leaves out, and grows....

This morning I heard an Eastern phoebe clinging to the top ledge of the kitchen window. Soon another phoebe flew to the south end of the house. It looked as if it were examining the entrance overhang to determine whether a nest could be built in the shelter of the patio doorway. Nest building is definitely at the top of someone's mind. Enroute to my morning TCC class I spotted three wild turkeys rushing up the hillside away from the edge of the highway.

Our small, quiet group practice felt powerful ... intense. At practice end, one of the class members with a painful injured back stepped into the center and we circled around her to direct our Healing Sounds to her body-mind-spirit. We sent another class member healing energies then closed by reading and discussing the Tao, Verse 58.

Wayne Dyer encouraged us to "focus on the unchanging Tao." I reminded the class:

T'ai chi chih allows us to be untroubled by either good or bad fortune. When we float on the energy of both, we are distracted by neither. We need both positive and negative energies in order to survive and thrive. One of the reasons that TCC practice feels so good is that in our practices as we step and shift, twist and turn, we remain in the center, calm, present, at ease ... focused on the unchanging Tao.

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