Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gather Spirit ... Be in Harmony

I look out an east window and the sky is darkly clouded, treetops circling and swaying from side to side. Hmmm. Looks like rain. I glance out a north window and the sky is lighter, the wind less pushy, the rain less sure. Perhaps, just perhaps, tonight will be the night for an all-encompassing thunderstorm. One can always hope....

Our morning TCC class was host to a good friend of one of the students. She's visiting from California and she courageously stepped into our practice circle and followed along. Even though Carry the Ball to the Side and the Taffies were a challenge she gamely continued through the practice to the end.

We engaged in a lively discussion of the Tao, Verse 59, afterwards. Wayne Dyer calls this verse "Living by Thrift and Moderation," and Ursula LeGuin calls her version, "Staying on the Way." LeGuin's verse begins: In looking after your life and following the way, gather spirit.

Dyer's verse begins: In governing people and serving nature, nothing surpasses thrift and moderation. Dyer goes on in this chapter to describe the importance of restraint, frugality, moderation, and thrift. He writes:
     Living in thrift and moderation means being in harmony with the world through your generous nature. Rather than continually prodding, directing, giving orders, setting down rules, and demanding obedience, it's important to be a leader who accumulates a warehouse full of virtue by living in accordance with the Tao.... Feel joyful knowing that the example you're modeling is helping others make the right choices, as this is the essence of Tao leadership.
Regular T'ai Chi Chih practice is important for many reasons not the least of which is the opportunity it provides us to gather spirit (per LeGuin) and to be in harmony with the world (per Dyer). One student commented that she views every movement in TCC as being about giving and receiving. When we view TCC in this way, we come to see our roles as TCC teachers and TCC students as knowing that the example you're modeling is helping others make the right choices (again, per Dyer).

What greater act of service can we give to the world?

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