Thursday, April 8, 2010

Those Who Know Do Not Talk

We're back in the deep freeze ... otherwise known as springtime in the North Woods. Temps in the mid-20s with no snow and abundant sunshine. I donned my long underwear, a winter jacket, and hat and gloves for my drive to Cornucopia for our TCC session. This morning's class practice began at a rapid pace and gradually decelerated. By midway through the form the group energy felt calmer, slower, more relaxed.

Today's discussion of the Tao centered on Verse 56, what Wayne Dyer calls "Living by Silent Knowing." The first two lines of this verse, notes Dyer, are so popular that they're almost a cliche:
Those who know do not talk.
Those who talk do not know.
Dyer explains further:
Silence is your evidence of inner knowing. Talking to convince others actually says more about your need to be right than their need to hear what you have to say! So rather than trying to persuade others, keep quiet ... just enjoy that deeply satisfying inner awareness.
When our group discussion turned to the question, How does this verse relate to your t'ai chi chih practice?, there was an intricate weave of comments about Monkey Mind, listening to Self, listening to others, what we hear and/or think as we move through our TCC practice, and more.

One student commented that she seldom thinks about things while she practices. Instead, she allows herself to feel her body, the movements, and her sense of connection to the Oneness. It's striking when you watch her move. A smile lights her face. A feeling of calmness and letting go surrounds and circulates out from her. And you know ... she has reached that place where no words are necessary.

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