Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alive, Alert, Awake & Joyous

Thankfully, a light rain did fall yesterday afternoon. Cooler temps today; a breeze dances through branches and sets them bobbing and twirling.

Today's TCC practice was back to front, end to beginning. It felt good to change-up my routine somewhat ... starting at the end, ending at the start. I flowed right through it as I focused on using my body like a bellows, pulling in the energy of earth and sky as I exhale and inhale, move forward and back, up and down.

I can always relax more but I let myself relax just this much. Later these words from a song-chant-affirmation come to mind: I am alive, I am alert, I am awake and joyous. Yes! It helps tremendously to be rested, relaxed, at ease.

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