Saturday, April 3, 2010

Me and My Shadow

Today's two-part TCC practice began on the deck at home and finished in a parking lot in Duluth, MN. The early afternoon home session was windy ... and cold. During the late afternoon final session it was still windy but the sky had cleared and the sun shone brightly. My super-long shadow practiced in front of me and mimicked my movements exactly.

Now I'm home again after a brief escape from the Bayfield area. It felt good to get away from the constancy of daily life and simply relax and play for a few brief hours. It's late, though, and my eyelids remind me that it's past my bedtime and if I don't lie down they'll insist on putting me to sleep while I sit here in front of the computer.

The two-part harmony of my before- and after-practice was a welcome change in my typical routine. I experienced the different feel of moving in the shelter of trees compared with the wide-open brightness of sun. Though the Duluth practice was accompanied by the sounds of nearby traffic roaring by it felt wonderful to move in wide open spaces. Me and My Shadow ... we had a good time.

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