Friday, April 16, 2010

Stepping into Anchor Step

Tonight's darkened window practice was fun ... I enjoy being able to watch myself as I move, especially when my reflection comes from dark window glass rather than a lighted mirror.

I also like to practice outside in full sun so that I can watch my shadow movements. There's something wonderful about receiving feedback from an indistinct image that feels less intimidating and perhaps more helpful than watching an exact replica of myself mirrored back at me.

As I performed Pulling Taffy Variation #1: Anchor Step I was reminded of yesterday's class practice in the basement at Bell Town Hall. When we Pulled Taffy into the center of the circle, then to the side, I felt washed by feelings of peacefulness and unity.

Here class members were, offering our individual selves along with the peace, quiet, love, and harmony that we'd collected thus far in our practice. What a wonderful gift we give each other in these moments ... often without consciously realizing what we are doing.

Each day I appreciate Anchor Step Taffy more as I experience its unique qualities and realize the ways in which it circulates and cycles Chi through and to me at the same time that it offers energy to the others with whom I practice. Anchors aweigh!

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