Monday, April 12, 2010

Each Day is a God

Darkness settles upon another day. As nighttime deepens I practice t'ai chi chih moving meditation, look out a second story window, and notice one piece of sky that holds onto the light longer than the rest. In that one spot light lingers, lingers, lingers ... then disappears. Night crept quietly into daylight's terrain then captured it.

I'm alone in the house. The dog barks repeatedly just outside giving notice regarding property rights ... no trespassers allowed. Between the sounding barks I slip through TCC movements as quietly and slowly as daytime turned into night.

My body is tired; my knees, sore; my back, stiff. I'm grateful for this day and, too, its coming to a close. Perhaps Annie Dillard says it best (Earth Prayers, p. 40):
Every day is a god, each day is a god,
and holiness holds forth in time.
I worship each god,
I praise each day splintered down,
and wrapped in time like a husk, ...

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