Monday, April 26, 2010

Whatever Presents Itself

After eyeing a potential nesting spot under the eaves above our patio door an Eastern phoebe pair is building their nest there. It grows day by day even though a portion of the nest has fallen to the deck/entryway (it's mainly constructed of mud, leaves, and grass).

I continually marvel at the fact that a mama bird and four to five eggs, then fledglings will live in this tiny, precarious nest for about a month. How they will all fit remains to be seen....

Evening temps are creeping downward from 40 degrees. The sky is filled with white light even though it's almost 8:00 p.m. A jetstream reflects the evening sun in a wide, white arch viewed from the north end of our house. And the dog maintains his nightly ritual ... bark, bark-bark-bark, whoof, whoof, bark-bark-bark. He's reminding our wild neighbors to steer clear of his territory: No bear, wolves, or coyotes allowed. Keep clear.

Tonight's practice felt good, familiar, comforting. I think about tomorrow night's TCC class and idly wonder what I'll teach. I should know by now that it's often best to focus on whatever presents itself in the moment. Planning ahead is sometimes helpful but often feels like overkill. Being present in the moment and noticing what needs attention typically works best.

I'll leave tomorrow 'til tomorrow and right now say, Good night.

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