Monday, April 5, 2010

Silent Knowing

It's election day tomorrow and our town is percolating ... some people think a change in town and county board members is long overdue and others like things just the way they are. Frances and I will be poll observers at the Town of Russell. I'm sure that we'll learn a lot about the democratic process simply by participating in this way. Our town board and county board keep reminding us that ours is not a democracy and if we want change, we need to indicate our desires through our votes.

At times like this it's imperative that I continue my t'ai chi chih practice. When I practiced today, I felt myself slowing, calming, quieting. It's easy to get caught up in the inequalities and inadequacies of our system. And, with the inherent polarity that currently exists in American politics it's challenging to find citizens willing to discuss their differences. It seems much easier for people to join one side or another and wage battles that prove might is right.

I'm reading Verse 56 of the Tao in preparation for Thursday's class and it seems indescribably appropriate at this moment. Dyer's chapter on this verse is entitled, "Living by Silent Knowing." The verse begins:
Those who know do not talk.
Those who talk do not know.
Tomorrow at the polls--and each day during my TCC practices--I want to remember Dyer's observation that silence is evidence of my inner knowing. Talking to convince others actually says more about your need to be right than their need to hear what you have to say!, Dyer writes, So rather than trying to persuade others, keep quiet ... just enjoy that deeply satifying inner awareness.

Yup. Sounds like poll observing to me....

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