Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mosquito-Free T'ai Chi (Chih)

We're enjoying the beautiful, mosquito-free days of spring.... Yesterday Frances and I took a walk on the Raspberry Trail through county forest land that abuts our property. Today we hiked along the Sioux River at Big Rock county park hoping to come upon rainbow trout heading upstream to spawn. No luck. We did spy one fish hiding behind a rock near shore and a school of fish resting in the water beneath a shallow, rocky ledge that was the next major obstacle on their route toward spawning grounds.

Early this morning we ventured up to the Mt. Ashwabay Ski Chalet to attend a pancake fundraiser for the Bayfield Regional Conservancy, a local organization that protects natural lands, waters, forests, and farms in a four-county region. Afterwards, on our Big Rock hike I heard my first Eastern Phoebes of the season singing their familiar "phoe-be" and back home we heard more of the same. I anticipate a new nest will be under construction above our kitchen window soon....

My late afternoon practice on the deck was warm and sunny. Purple finches and dark-eyed juncos hopped over the ground under the feeder searching for sunflower seeds. A woodpecker watched me from a branch on the east side of the house, then zoomed to the suet and resumed its meal. The kitten skulked along the deck railing then retreated to the patio door. And I moved forward and back, left and right, circling round and round. It felt wonderful to be a part of this peaceful forest scene.

Now a teensy tick travels along my finger, presumably in search of its next meal. I'd rather not provide it so I'm up and off to interrupt its journey...

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