Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cool-Warm Comfort

It's a hot, muggy summer's day. I'm not complaining.

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih this morning before the sun spread its rays across every available speck of sky. While I moved under a scattering of clouds I felt as if I floated on the humidity in the air. With that thought foremost in mind I enjoyed my practice because I felt supported by the humidity instead of weighed down by it. Post-practice, I ventured into the dry coolness of the house.

I cooked all morning in anticipation of dinner guests. It truly did feel wonderful to start my day with TCC practice. In part, because I eluded some of the heat and in larger part because I centered myself in a calm, cool, collected frame of mind. Now, hours later, I continue to feel cool, calm, and collected.

I'm enjoying my day off from everything. Taking it slow. Immersed in the quiet. Happy to be surrounded by the cool-warm comforts of home.

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