Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Instant Relaxation

It's a perfectly perfect summer day. And right in the middle of its white-hot perfection I practiced T'ai Chi Chih.

In Bayfield. Outside. In the small yard/garden next to the library building. With flowering chives and tomato plants before me, a reflective basement library window beside me, an empty parking lot behind me, and the good sweet earth beneath my feet.

The sun was hot on my back and neck. Since I'd spent the previous three hours learning how to catalog books, it felt wonderful to relieve the tension by moving--slowly--cycling energy and releasing hours of attention I'd placed into my training.

I practiced TCC while waiting for Frances to pick me up from work. It's amazing how easy it is to find bits of time for practice when I may have previously twiddled my thumbs or anxiously awaited my ride. Now I know that I always have something to occupy my time when I'm between projects or floating in a sea of uncertainty. All I need do is find a small open spot, focus, center, and move. Ta da. Instant relaxation....

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