Saturday, July 9, 2011


It's another split practice day: pre-errand T'ai Chi Chih practice and post-errand TCC practice.

When I started moving this morning, I felt wonderfully relaxed. In addition, I was filled with tremendous energy. I could easily have carried on. But Frances and I had agreed to make it to the farmers' market this morning in addition to running through a long list of errands so we hit the road.

Many miles and much money later we returned home to our quiet, wet yard. First we let the animals out and put groceries away. Then Frances retired for a nap and I returned to the porch for my second half-session of TCC practice.

It's interesting how much one practice can vary from the next. This afternoon's practice was less energy-filled. It also felt less relaxed. It's true that I was tired, the day had darkened considerably, and the air was filled with humidity. Perhaps after running all day it was time to take a break. Literally. And so, TCC practice and blog completed, I head for my favorite comfy chair, book in hand.

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