Sunday, July 17, 2011

Helter Swelter

Sweltering. I think that's a fairly good word of the day.

I launched myself from bed and moved from task to task in hopes that I could complete a number of chores before the heat and humidity rose so high (predicted heat index of 100 to 110 degrees) that I could no longer move. Frances and I decided to wash the car so the weather was bearable when I donned my swimming suit and accidentally sprayed myself with cold water now and again.

Suddenly it was late afternoon and thunder rumbled through the woods. I exited the sauna (i.e., outdoors) and moved inside for T'ai Chi Chih practice. (Yes, in order to keep my sanity I turned on the air conditioning.)

It was fun to practice TCC while thunder echoed through the trees. I anticipated rain at any moment but by practice end all was silent. My stomach felt much better today so I let it (t'an t'ien) lead me into inner stillness. It took time but eventually (by Push Pull) I rode a wave of peace and tranquility. (Ah, yes, the cool air helped too.)

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