Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Then, There, or Elsewhere...

A mid-night storm blew the heat out of the oven and returned us to slightly lower temps this morning. Clouds come and go and I'm curious whether our prediction for more rain will be accurate.

I'm back to work today (like many others) after the July 4th weekend. Shortly after I jumped out of bed--I feel much better this morning!--I headed to the deck for T'ai Chi Chih practice. I could feel the heat building and I wanted to be done and off the deck before temps rose too high.

Meanwhile Lucy honked and honked, wondering where I'd gone. Soon she rounded the corner of the house and joined me, grazing her way from west to east. The cat settled nearby and a hummingbird visited and revisited foxglove blossoms in the south flower bed. Even Frances and Namaste (after they got out of bed) joined in morning rounds by checking the gardens, bird feeders, and insect and animal activity.

Lately I feel like I'm turning in circles, not sure which direction to head. There is so much unheaval in the world: political, economic, environmental, and climatological. Many people are investing most if not all of their energy in pure, unadulterated survival. My current life seems fine but both Frances and I anticipate that major change is in the works. What? We don't know.

For the time being I continue my daily TCC practice with additional seated meditation practice and focus on the present moment. It's more helpful for me to be here than it is to be then, there, or elsewhere....

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