Wednesday, July 20, 2011

(Im)patience Rewarded

It's 94 degrees. The hygenist at my dental clinic told me this afternoon that Wisconsin has warmer temperatures than Florida or Jamaica. The humidity's the killer so I did my T'ai Chi Chih practice inside the comfort of my air-conditioned house.

Even so, when I began to move I felt out of kilter, unbalanced, and jerky. What's a girl to do? I increased the repetitions of Rocking Motion from nine to 18. By the time I finished I felt like I moved with more smoothness and grace.

Nevertheless I was impatient during my practice. I enjoyed it while engaged in the movements but I also wished for practice to be over. I've felt impatient during my practice alot lately and I'm not sure whether that relates to the heat and humidity, my body, my life or ???

Now that practice is over, of course, I feel better. That's a direct reiteration of Justin's mandate: Do your TCC practice whether you feel like it or not. It always has beneficial effects....

So now I'm sitting at the computer writing my blog when I notice something dark moving at the edge of the driveway outside the window. I immediately focus on the movement. Frances saw a raccoon near the south gardens several days ago and we're on alert to protect our vegetables and animals.

When I found the right position I saw a fawn with spots on its back grazing along the edge of the drive. I ran to another room for a closer view. From that window I spotted Lucy, head turned, eye trained on the young invader.

I raced into the living room and instructed Frances to look outside too. By the time I returned to my original post I saw not one but two fawns dashing down the drive--twins!--with no mama in sight. In a flash the two youngsters were gone.

I sent a blessing to the critters of the forest at the end of today's T'ai Chi Chih practice. What a miracle to see two young 'uns just minutes later. Okay, okay. Life is good!

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