Monday, July 4, 2011

Rest & Recover; Divert & Relax

I'm moving through one of those "don't feel good" days. Head is aching; stomach tossing and turning.

I spent this 4th of July holiday on the phone with several friends. I also read, napped, and rested. T'ai Chi Chih practice was another diversion. I could--for half an hour--leave my aches and pains on the periphery of my consciousness.

Frances and I attended a Count Your Blessings party last night. It was hosted by one of my coworkers from the library and consisted of food and drink, conversation, live music and dancing. Every invitee brought food to share and I question whether I ate the wrong luscious dish. But, if I remember correctly, I didn't feel very well last night either.

Regardless. Today I'm in the mode of relax, rest, and heal. That's a good place to be as long as I allow myself to linger here without guilt. T'ai Chi Chih teaches me to let go of the expectations of others (myself included!) and simply be. On this 4th of July holiday I'm perfecting my technique: human being instead of human doing.

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