Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday Heat

The holiday weekend has begun! Today five friends/relatives came for brunch. Most of the day Frances and I prepared, shared, and cleaned up from our lavish feast.

Of course, before our friends left we went through the required photo session. Steph and Frances holding the chicken and dog. Steph and Frances standing by the goose. Et cetera.

Today's weather is still and hot, hot and still. This is the type of day that is hard on my body/mind. I'm adverse to heat and humidity which is why I live close enough to Lake Superior to experience the moderating effects of a huge body of cold water.

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih after our guests departed for Duluth. Though I began practice on the deck, about 15 minutes in I tired of the pesky mosquitoes and relocated to the porch. It was simply too darn hot so I focused my mind on the beautiful flowers and lush green of the forest. There is something to be said for distraction....

After practice I meditated for 5-10 minutes and now I feel deeply relaxed (though still hot). This is a fine beginning to a 4th of July weekend.

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