Monday, March 22, 2010

At One with the Sun

The appointment to meet with our accountant regarding 2009 income taxes is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Today is do or die day. Consequently, today's t'ai chi chih strategy ... practice before, during, and after tax preparation.

The before practice is done. And, after I finish my blog, the tax prep begins....

I practiced TCC inside the house this morning. These early morning temps in the low 20s are a bit off-putting now that I'm accustomed to afternoon highs in the non-seasonal 50s and 60s. Coincidentally I chose a practice spot directly in the path of the rising sun.

The sun floated high enough in the sky that its rays, no longer shielded by morning haze or low-lying clouds, drenched me with their heat and light. And so I bathed and soaked, glittered and gleamed right along with this magnificent celestial body. At times I felt as if the intensity of light would absorb me into itself. Separate no more, I was anywhere and everywhere ... no one and everyone. My sole goal: To merge with the One greater light.

After practice I picked up 365 Tao to read today's entry, "Sailing." Its description of the ocean sounded similar....
Tao is sometimes compared to the ocean. Its depth is immeasurable, its power rules all who enter it. We seek to sail it with our knowledge ... yet our understanding is incomparable to its vastness.... the old ... know that there is no other alternative than to accept the ocean and float upon it. One who accepts is sustained. Those who go beyond its terms meet death. Thus the wise say that they float here and there without care; they trust in the overwhelming power of Tao.

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