Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A very good thing...

At tonight's final TCC session I told my beginning students: Well, you've finished eight weeks and you've barely begun.

Whether students truly understand at this two-month point how much t'ai chi chih moving meditation has the potential to impact their lives is hard to say. Some people catch onto its essential power quickly, for others it may take years or they may never realize the opportunity they chose to ignore.

After 14 years as a TCC teacher I'm always aware when a student drops out of my class even though they may believe that no one notices their absence. What they don't realize is that their being, their energy, and their presence held a place in that class experience that can't be filled by anyone else. Each of us occupies an incredibly unique body/mind/spirit narrative that is ours alone.

Sometimes that story comes out in the way we move our bodies. Often it is obvious through the hidden stress and tension that inhabits particular areas of the body. Irregardless, t'ai chi chih moving meditation offers a pathway toward greater peace and understanding which is, my friends, a very good thing....

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