Thursday, March 25, 2010

How Wonder-Full...

Yup. A strong blow of air passed through the area last night and returned us to typical spring temperatures. It was five degrees when I got up this AM. Temps rose to 20ish--ah, that cool spring breeze in the face--and, at dinner time, the thermostat reads ten.

I was shocked back into my winter coat as I headed for my final TCC class in Cornucopia this morning. The group practice felt wonder-full. Our small group--there were four students today--passed silently through the movements and ended with smiles all around during the Healing Sounds.

Our reading of the Tao, Verse 54, was entitled Living as if Your Life Makes a Difference. Wayne Dyer writes, in part (p. 264):
It's said that when a butterfly flaps its wings, that energy flows thousands of miles away. Therefore, everything you think and do extends outward and multiplies. Live your life knowing that the difference you choose to make is toward wholeness.... Be conscious of how very much you matter to all of creation.
Several students acknowledged that they are not that conscious of how much they matter to the world. I asked the class: For you personally, what role does TCC--and your decision to learn and practice it--play in transforming yourself and the planet? Yes, someone said, TCC practice does help me pay attention and see, think, and experience things differently.

In class I'm deeply aware of the distinct transformation that occurs in our bodies and and minds as reflected through our movements when we travel together through the form. Simply by practicing, we transform ourselves ... and the planet. When we practice, alone or in a group, we release the ego self and reconnect with the love and peace that are part of our essential nature.

That's one major reason I keep returning, again and again, to my TCC practice. How wonder-full to believe that my movements toward wholeness, my Bird Flaps Its Wings, my Daughter on the Mountain Top, my Working the Pulley, my Passing Clouds create a vibration that echoes across the Universe....

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