Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taxes? ... T'ai Chi Chih!

As tax preparation work piles up, my energy fades. T'ai chi chih practice to the rescue! I just finished another combination TCC/Seijaku practice and, yes, I feel brighter and more energetic. After a quick blog it's back to taxes. Now, though, I'm floating in the Chi and allowing myself to appreciate the feelings of peace and calm that emerged from my practice.

I just subscribed to DailyGood and began receiving a daily inspirational quote/story two days ago. Today's quote: Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. --Stella Adler

I could easily substitute the words t'ai chi chih moving meditation for art in the aforementioned quote and find a similar result. Recent and on-going contention within our Town over zoning issues has led to wide-ranging political and personal gamemanship and maneuvering.

I was grateful to teach my t'ai chi chih classes last night during the Town Board meeting and simply remove myself from the fray. It's often difficult to figure out what to do and how far to go when working toward positive change. Sometimes it seems that the best solution is simply to practice t'ai chi chih moving meditation and rest in peace instead of simmering on the burner of frustration, anger, and disappointment. I still have much to learn....

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