Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Flute of the Infinite

It's another day of wonder brimming with sun and silence! After an early morning snowshoe through the forest, a high near 60 degrees, and a midday nap, I headed out onto the deck in late afternoon to move through TCC while temps hovered in the upper 40s and low 50s.

This is a wonderful time of the year to practice outdoors. Number one reason: no bugs! Number two reason: it's warm but not too warm, it's cool but not too cool.

I closed my eyes several times during practice. It was long enough to forget the several feet of snow that lay all around me. Still, I felt comfortable--almost hot--as I moved. An occasional breeze slid over the snow-covered Earth, was ice-cooled, and reminded me that spring won't arrive for several more weeks.

Today's quiet air filled me with peace and I rested in the silence, breathing deeply, softly, slowly....
Ramana Maharshi said, 'Silence is unceasing eloquence.' From the silence of the Presence, messages of love are trying to reach us at every moment from every corner of the universe. Always to be receptive to this music, and so learn how to live in compassionate harmony with it, is the goal of the realized life....
          From: The Mystic Vision, "The Flute of the Infinite: The Spirit," p. 38

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