Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seeds of Silence

Whew. Mid-afternoon silent TCC practice. Frances is out of the house, the cat and dog are asleep, and the house is quiet. I move in lone, sole peacefulness.

I feel the energy of the silence. It's a wonderful calm after five days of busyness and business. At one point in my practice I hear the loud roar of a truck motor as it passes the bottom of our driveway. Otherwise ... the quiet is palpable.

My palms pulse with energy, especially when I carry the ball through the first portion of Platter Variation. Softly I rest my mind, let it slow, almost stop. Breathe.

After my final bow I'm off to a seed savers' gathering at an organic farm in the orchard area about eight miles from our home. What a wonderful collection of people, seeds, homemade food, drink, and conversation. It's been a good, full day. T'ai chi chih moving meditation reminds me that, by returning to silence, I bring a healing balance to my life.

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