Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Growing Quiet ... Quietly Growing

I gaze into the woods from my TCC practice spot on the deck and see evidence of winter slipping silently away.... Fallen twigs and branches rest quietly upon the forest floor. Weeds and grasses, crushed by their winter's weight of snow, lie flattened and dormant. Last fall's leaves carpet the ground with a brown oak, maple, poplar pattern and, with a just right whiff of wind dance across the ground to a new home.

It's another unseasonably warm spring day and I position myself on the southeastern edge of the deck where I have the clearest view of Lake Superior. From here I focus my eyes on the Lake's rich, deep blue as I engage in my moving meditation and gather my pieces of peace.

The only visible green in this scenario are the sprouting tomato plants that Frances balanced on the deck railing earlier to soak up sunshine. I know, though, that an awakening is being birthed beneath the cover of leaf litter. I can feel its promise in my body as I move slowly through the motions, giving and receiving energy with the trees and the still unseen seedlings that rise toward heaven.

After a morning of research, phone calls, and business I feel my mind and body slowing, calming, quieting ... becoming still. Mmmm.

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