Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chi Whiz

Rain began late morning and continues. Our early evening weather is liquid, drippy, runny wetness falling upon frozen, crystalized, subterranean wetness.

It's odd for a rainstorm to hit before the final snowstorm of the season--and yes, I guarantee there'll be another big snowstorm before the end of March--because that's just the way the weather works in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota (in Minnesota huge snows usually blow through during state high school basketball tournaments).

Given the abundance of moisture in the air I turned off the humidifier and listened to unceasing drip-drops during my TCC practice. Push-Pull and Pulling in the Energy filled my hands with a strong pulsating energy that reminded me of last night's discussion about Chi.

One class member mentioned that she'd always thought of Chi as an electrical charge but recently wondered whether it may be more like a chemical reaction that circulates through the watery composition of our bodies. I realized that my knowledge and experience with Chi has always been based on one thing: how it feels.

I moved slowly through much of my day and now, post-practice, I'm revitalized and calm ... very calm.

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