Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ending the Day with T'ai Chi Chih Practice

Hello Reflection. Tonight's late night practice invited me to watch my alternate self move in the darkened glass of the patio door.

It's always good to check-in with myself to see how I look as I move. Tonight it was fun to note the changes and corrections that I've incorporated into my practice following the late January TCC retreat in Minnesota. Initially the refinements felt foreign and artificial; now they feel relaxed, natural, commonplace.

After another all-too-busy day with no computer accessibility this late night practice slowed me down and soothed my soul. I'm a morning person which means that by this time of night I've become a woman of few words with even fewer brain cells firing.

This commitment to blog daily, though, pushes me to practice on days when I might otherwise go to bed, exhausted. I still go to bed exhausted but now I feel relaxed and satisfied knowing that I finished my day with a t'ai chi chih practice. Yawn.

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