Thursday, March 18, 2010

TCC Practice in the Board Room

A long, too-full day. Luckily it began with a t'ai chi chih class in Cornucopia. Before our class started to move we rested quietly, breathed in relaxation, breathed out tension, and established our connections to Earth and Sky. Immediately I felt a strong flow of energy in my palms. Then we moved through the form in near-silence and, as TCC teachers who've had the opportunity to practice together know, that is a special, power-filled experience.

A Bayfield County zoning meeting regarding a Town of Russell rezone request followed and, after a quick trip home to feed animals, let out the dog, and put in the geese, we headed back to Washburn to see Michael Moore's latest movie, Capitalism: A Love Story. Wow! It felt like there was a direct link between the story Moore tells and our experiences in Russell Town/Bayfield County politics. (The rezone request was granted by the zoning committee despite 20 articulate speakers against it and three speakers in favor.)

While I sat in the board room listening to the zoning committee debate the issues surrounding this rezone I closed my eyes and practiced t'ai chi chih in my head. More and more, I use mental rehearsals of TCC as a tool to focus and center my energy and calm my mind and emotions. It does help.

Of course, a good dose of filmmaker Michael Moore's outrageous humor brought the day to a perfect close. Life in the Town of Russell imitated art at the same time that art (filmed on Wall Street, in Flint, MI, at Bank of America, CitiBank, WalMart, and other corporate entities) imitated life. And in the midst of it all ... I imagined one Daughter on the Mountain and another Daughter in the Valley....

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