Sunday, March 14, 2010

Holding Fast and ... Letting Go

When I stepped out the door this morning, I felt as if I was entering a jungle. The trees were still bare of leaves, of course, the sky still visible through the tall grey trunks and branches of poplars, oaks, birches, and maples in our yard, but overriding it all was the lush melody of birdsong descending from those branches and working its way directly into my heart. The atmosphere resounded with excited, joyous song.

A bit later the kitten and dog joined me on the deck, each of us engaged in our own practices; the dog chased after his first squirrels of the season, threatening them with a strong, quick bark and Chiripa scurried across the deck in mad pursuit of the abundant crop of flies that buzzed busily through the sunshine-filled air. I practiced a mix of TCC and Seijaku in the 60 degree heat as I breathed in air and light.

My practice felt good in body and soul as I alternated three TCC repetitions with three Seijaku repetitions then back to three TCC repetitions per movement. The "holding fast and letting go" of Seijaku offers a decidedly different experience of the energy than regular TCC practice. It takes more attention and intention but the intensity of energy it provides is markedly different.

There's an energy and excitement to this day, too, and rather than sit in a dark room in front of a computer screen I'll abandon it all to the glory of this day. Premature spring--by one week only--here I come!

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