Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Awakens

Frances, Namaste, and I strolled partway down the drive this morning. It was our first attempt at taking four-month-old kitten, Chiripa, for a walk (she had to do this entirely on her own four feet).

The snow is almost gone--snow banks no longer line our driveway--which meant that Chiripa could dash, prance, rush, and rustle through the woods and climb an occasional tree as we walked down the road nearby. It was such fun to witness her joy and excitement. Her first attempts at tree climbing and unclimbing were incredible feats of energy, fearlessness, adventure, and positive expectation.

Oh, may I follow in the tiny pawprints of my kitten. May I be filled with the naturalness of my being; unafraid to try something new. May I remember to be fully present in the pure joy of this moment.

It felt wonderful to relax into tonight's practice after a daylong headache that continues--still--into the evening. It's helpful to integrate the Seijaku into my regular practice. I'm curious to discover how its practice over the longterm will affect my stress levels and ... my heart.

Today is Spring Equinox: "Sun and moon divide the sky, ... Earth awakens with a sigh." (365 Tao, p. 79)

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