Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sun-drenched Gratitude

It's a s'wonderful, s'marvelous day! Ohh, I have to watch myself ... I can feel spring fever creeping into my blood stream and flowing through my veins.

Northern woods' vital statistics: temperature, 45 degrees; weight, unknown due to rapid water loss from the continual drip of snow and ice melt; height, distance from sunshine-covered Earth to clear blue sky, unable to calculate; and blood pressure, normal, though reading may be influenced by joyous birdsong.

Spring fever invited me out onto the deck for TCC practice today. First I shoveled a clear spot in the snow and ice, then I carried out two lawn chairs, one cat, and one dog. The dog lay in one chair and the cat explored the edge of the deck in either direction as she monitored bird and squirrel activity. Only once did Chiripa venture off the deck into a deep snow drift. Instantly she leapt back to a dry, snow-free deck surface, and immediately licked her paws.

In the beauty, comfort, and quiet I shed jacket, gloves, and boots and moved to the Cosmic Rhythm. The pure air, blue sky, warm sun, sturdy trees, and sweet silence were a salve to my soul. I feel sun-drenched gratitude for this day and for my small, peaceful place in it....

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