Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zoned Out

I'm continuing to adjust to Daylight Savings Time. It hit me a few minutes ago that I'd better get this blog written before it's tomorrow. I'm not alone. A student from my TCC beginner class arrived tonight at 7:45, exactly an hour after the start time. He's retired and lives in the middle of the woods; it hadn't occurred to him that there'd been a time change....

I spent time after class coaching my student and catching him up on two weeks of class sessions; next week is our last and I knew that some one-on-one time would help him feel more comfortable at our final session and better prepared to continue in the subsequent class series. Consequently, today was a three-hour class day. The balls of my feet hurt and my energy is excellent ... I'm not ready for bed yet.

The students in my advanced class looked beautiful as they moved. It was awesome to see the soft, slow, continuous movements that flowed from person-to-person while they glided from one graceful movement to the next.

I felt extremely grateful to be engaged in my TCC classes tonight as the Russell Town Board voted on a highly contentious zoning change. Intuitively I knew the outcome and I felt that my energy and attention were better used in the classroom than in the community center board room. My sister reminded me last night that while it is good to put energy into the effort, it is best not to get attached to the outcome. Sometimes that's a challenge for me; tonight it was made easier by my presence in the TCC moment.

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