Thursday, March 11, 2010

Originating Spirit is Everywhere....

Predicted fog shrouded the morning and now lies, thick, beneath an intense battering of heavy rain and hail. Thunder rumbles across the snow-encrusted landscape and I remind myself that it is still winter in the Northland.

It's a moisture-laden day and I hear a number of comments about stiff, sore knees during my morning TCC class. Our group practice ends in deep silence, each of us resting quietly in the shared feeling of peace before we turn onto the individual path of our day.

Today we read and discuss the 52nd Verse of the Tao, "Living by Returning to the Mother," per Wayne Dyer. In this chapter of Change Your Thoughts-- Change Your Life Dyer advises us to close our eyes and seal our ears to ensure that our spirits aren't frittered away on worldly activities. He writes:
Use fewer words; commit yourself to long periods of listening; and eliminate giving advice, meddling, and participating in gossip.... When you're inclined to get into other people's business, remember that your eternal Mother's one and only voice is silence. (pp. 254-55)
I'm grateful and blessed to be a teacher and guide for others as we move through this wonderful regenerative time of silence known as t'ai chi chih practice. With silence comes peace and with peace comes a welcome re-entry into a very special place, a place where no-thing is judged as inferior or unwanted anymore because ... we are all One.

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