Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alive, Alert, Awake

It's a downpour! After an initial flash of lightning and loud rumble of thunder the cat dashed for cover in the basement. Following a later noisy episode our near-deaf dog was startled from sleep and looked alarmed.

I continued my T'ai Chi Chih practice throughout with a few brief interruptions to close windows when water spashed in and to turn on a fan once we lost the benefit of cooler air flowing from outside in.

It's a quiet (except for nature's torrential interludes), dark day. Lights are necessary for indoor activities which inspires me to consider a nap. I won't indulge myself since I had adequate sleep last night and there's plenty to accomplish before work.

TCC practice sparked some energy and I plan to continue my day with this affirmation/song circulating through my mind:
I am alive. I am alert. I am awake and joyous.
I am alive. I am alert. I am enthusiastic about life....

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