Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It's another beauteous, bounteous day. I picked cherry tomatoes and beans from the garden this AM, then purple and yellow coneflowers, tansy, and chocolate mint for a dining table bouquet.

After I fed and watered the critters I positioned myself directly in their midst and began my T'ai Chi Chih practice. The animals didn't linger for long. Namaste and Chiripa stalked chipmunks that scrabbled among the piles of chicken feed. Rosie and Sandie took off for separate roosting spots. Lucy grazed nearby and Chickie Woo watched me from her perch by the front step.

Midway through practice a long tail curled around my leg when Chiripa decided to grace me with her presence for a few minutes of rest and repose. Soon I was alone once more.

I truly do believe that my pre-work practice keeps me balanced and sane during my rushed, crazy afternoons. It did more than that today. During the afternoon I was effortlessly cheerful, extroverted, and happy-go-lucky. That made for a happier day for me and for my patrons....

Work is now done for the day and, before I get in my car and drive home, I'm finishing my blog post (the internet connection is faster here at work). Folks have commented on the hot and humid weather all afternoon. Now the sky is crammed with dark blue, heavy clouds. This bodes well for a rain filled night and, hopefully, a cooler, drier tomorrow....

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