Wednesday, August 3, 2011

humble be

In three hours Frances and I will join a dance class at humble be to learn how to salsa. It hit me during my afternoon T'ai Chi Chih practice that perhaps, just perhaps, my TCC practice was a wonderful warm-up to an evening of Latin dance.

I know that I often feel nervous when I try something new. Yes, I absolutely love to dance. Yes, I practice a form of movement every day (T'ai Chi Chih). And, yes, I have never--ever!--taken a partner dance class (my early years of tap, jazz, and modern dance lessons are long gone but the rhythm and timing are not forgotten).

I expect that the focus I experienced this afternoon will bleed over into the early evening and I'll retain a mood of openness and exploration while I experience something new. (Cross my fingers.) It appears that the class will be taught in a circle and I'm hopeful that my years of practicing TCC in a circle will remind me to relax and humble be.

During today's TCC practice the chickens and goose foraged for treats and treasures in the weeds and undergrowth. It was helpful to have the birds nearby as I went through the TCC movements. Their intensive focus and concentration encouraged me to stay engaged in my own undertaking.

It's another fabulous summer day and I took advantage of the beauty: raspberry picking with Frances and a brief stop to purchase a pound of the last sweet cherries of the season. And in a few hours ... let the music and movement begin!

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