Sunday, August 28, 2011

Peace is Possible Now

It was another full day in the midst of our wooded wilderness. Lucy positioned herself in the 'V' of the concrete front steps, happily napping (I don't think she slept much last night as we forgot to close and latch the door to the goose barn).

When I looked out the kitchen window later in the morning, I found Chiripa napping on the flowers in the planter underneath the kitchen window. Perhaps she was imitating the chickens who fly up into the planter as evening falls and begin to nest.

Our friend left mid-afternoon after a long, leisurely brunch and in-depth conversation. We also watched the movie Pray the Devil Back to Hell. It's a wonderful (hard) documentary that tells the story of Liberian women who started a movement for peace ... and succeeded! Given the current economic and political conditions of our state, nation, and, for that matter, the entire world it's encouraging to see that common citizens can make a difference when they unite their efforts and open their hearts....

Late afternoon I began my preparations for a trip out of town which begins Wednesday and busied myself with laundry, phone calls, and pre-packing. Then I stepped onto the deck for my afternoon TCC practice. It was lovely. Cool. Quiet (no breeze, no barking dog, no traffic). Relaxed.

This evening I'm snuggled into the quiet and happily at peace.

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