Monday, August 1, 2011

The Self Care Tool Bag

Friends left. Work arrived. It was so frantic at the library that my co-worker and I barely spoke to each other all afternoon.

Before I hopped in the car to head home from work I found a spot in the middle of the library and commenced an abbreviated T'ai Chi Chih practice. It felt as though I needed to slow myself down in order to competently and safely drive home.

Interestingly, I was easily distracted by a mass market paperback rack containing mysteries that stood nearby. Whoops. Those books needed to be rearranged. And then there was this to do ... and that ... and this.... Obviously, Monkey Mind was still hard at work.

Eventually I focused my attention forward and reminded myself to concentrate on my practice (I'd already done enough work for one day!). The shift in attention/intention helped. Soon I felt quieter inside and I made it home without incident. (One more example of the helpfulness of having TCC in my self care tool bag!)

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