Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ready to Nap

Today's T'ai Chi Chih practice was filled with anticipation. It was overcast and practically raining. But not quite yet ... Usually TCC practice energizes me but by the end of this practice I was more than ready--and willing--to lie down for a nap.

No such luck. Instead I headed off to work just as the sky began to fall. Rain poured down in sheets and, unable to escape it, I entered the air-conditioned library and immediately froze.

Luckily we were swamped with patrons and I hadn't a moment to sit still and chill. Two hours after my shift began it felt as though I'd worked a full afternoon/evening shift. Despite the flurry of activity, though, I stayed relatively calm and collected (I do think that earlier TCC practice helped!).

And now the time is here for me to be still and chill....

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