Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Freeing the Mind and Emotions

It's a windy day. I wish the breeze could blow away my sad-angry-disappointed feelings. It didn't. So ... on to my next best solution: a walk and T'ai Chi Chih practice.

I felt a bit lighter after my morning walk with Frances; the exercise freed up my mind and emotions. Then I practiced TCC before I left for work. Yes! That definitely improved my mental attitude so that I was tuned up (or in tune) to meet and work with the public.

It felt wonderful to move in the windy, slightly rainy weather. What a welcome relief from the still, breezeless days without end that we've experienced this summer.

Next on the agenda? Homeward bound (my workday is done). The sun is shining. The sky is blue. And the wind has abated. Perhaps I'll perform more attitude readjustment movements (i.e., T'ai Chi Chih) when I get home. It can only help....

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