Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvesting the Fruits of My Labor

My morning PWTCCP (pre-work T'ai Chi Chih Practice) refreshed and relaxed me. A slight breeze flowed through the trees and massaged the leaves. I listened carefully as they responded with rustling exhalations. I often don't realize how much better I feel after practice until I sit down before my computer to write this blog.

After TCC practice I walked through our gardens and picked a handful of green beans, a few cherry tomatoes, a summer squash, and an Italian squash that I've never ever seen before (exciting!). I look forward to tasting a stir-fry made with these veggies plus wild mushrooms a neighbor gave us at farmers' market Saturday.

I feel incredibly happy and blessed with abundance when I harvest vegetables from our garden. Which reminds me of a book I recently checked out from the library, Grow the Good Life: Why a Vegetable Garden will Make You Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

In her final chapter, author Michele Owens writes that soil and plants make us feel better. Obviously, I agree. It's important to be uplifted by the earth and by growing, blooming, producing plants. Soon--all too soon--our growing season will be over and I'll fondly remember the delicious fruits and vegetables that made me unexplainably happy.

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