Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deep Quiet

Yesterday was an awesome beach day. First our gang of four plus two dogs drove to Little Sand Bay and walked the beach, throwing sticks for the dogs into the wild, windy, wavy water. Then we drove to Bayview beach where it was quieter and warmer ... just right for a dip in the lake.

After a quick stop at home we returned to to Little Sand Bay beach to watch the sunset as we made a campfire, grilled brats and corn on the cob, and listened to Ellen play guitar and serenade us as we lay on the sand and looked up at the stars. Like I said, awesome. Lately Frances and I have been too caught up in work and have forgotten to take advantage of the beautiful lakeshore and Lake Superior's waters. Yesterday we made up for lost time....

Today was quieter and slower. We visited the farmers' market, shared a late breakfast, tended to Ellen's ill dog, and then--wham!--my brother and his girlfriend were on the road. Frances and I were left alone in the quiet of our home.

It was then that I ventured onto the deck for today's T'ai Chi Chih practice. I needed it, too. As much as I love to host visitors I automatically switch into a hyperactive gear and tend to wear myself out. It felt good to regenerate myself through TCC's slow, calming movements and to re-member my body and reclaim my deeply quiet home.

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