Saturday, August 6, 2011

Listening to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih this afternoon as a light rain fell to earth. Though positioned inside the porch I had a full view of the animal feeding area and the chickens as they emerged from beneath the deck one by one.

It was hilarious. First Rosie hustled out to the corn pan, charging forward as if she were being chased from behind. When she arrived at the corn, she fluffed her feathers (like humans putting on a raincoat) and dug into the food.

Next came Chickie. She was more nonchalant about the rain since she's used to moving more slowly in all types of weather because of her bad foot. Rosie immediately relinquished her position at the feed pan to Chickie and headed for shelter under a car. It's more protected and rain free beneath the vehicles than under the deck.

Chickie appeared to be oblivious to the rain as she chowed down on corn. Then Sandie rushed into view looking at if she, too, were being pursued by an unknown predator. Sandie bobbed and dipped as if she were attempting to avoid raindrops that fell from the sky. Then she gulped her dinner down and headed for the protection of another vehicle.

Meanwhile I moved through TCC in the rain free shelter of my own home. I felt comforted and at peace as I listened to the softly falling rain. Mentally I allowed myself to expand with the moisture in the air. I imagined myself filling up with the chi contained in each raindrop. As I did so, Lucy appeared at the water pail looking for all the world as if she were totally relaxed and in her element (she was!).

It was wonderful, as always, to share my practice with the animals as they appeared and disappeared in the falling rain.

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