Monday, August 8, 2011

All Good

Yep. It's been a day. After several difficult situations that triggered emotional responses, I'm struck by how easily I'm overcome by fear. It's that old reptilian brain at work (per Buddha's Brain). And, once the amygdala is set into motion, it takes effort--and practice--to interrupt the thoughts and flow of information that cascade into ever greater levels of alarm.

Once again, I'm grateful for my evening T'ai Chi Chih practice. Yes, Monkey Mind was busy during my practice. Nevertheless, the practice helped me to slow my thoughts, center myself, and step back from the drama/trauma.

I feel better now than I did just 30 short minutes ago. And, even though I didn't feel like doing my practice I have learned that once I get past my resistance I inevitably experience an improved attitude, a lighter mood, and a more hopeful spirit. All good.

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